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Your New Best Friends ft Gerard Cosmetics

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Left to Right: Meet your new gal pals: Rodeo Drive, French Toast,1995 & Cherry Cordinal

Beauty Favourites x Gerard Cosmetics

I know were rolling into Fall, and everyone is looking for the darkest shade of all - however I have rounded up the most coveted colours of Gerard Cosmetics. These include: Rodeo drive, which features a nice pink undertone. French Toast is a soft neutral while1995 is a pink nude, and lastly, Cherry Cordinal - for all of you in search of the deepest and darkest.

Which one will you try? xx 


Back to School Basics

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Sweater (similar) & shoes - Addidas

Jeans - topshop

Backpack - Urban outfitters


As I was approaching graduation, I remember several of my classmates saying, after this program, "I'm done."  And all I could think was,

"are you serious?"

Now that I'm entering my third year of school, I totally get where they were coming from. Group projects, all nighters, unfair marks, $200 textbooks, over booked schedules and lengthy lectures.

I definitely just highlighted the worst of school. However, on that note, when you're in the thick of it, that's all you can really see. 

It's as if post-secondary education is one huge thick smoky cloud, that you can't seem to shake.

Statistics are saying that even after completing four years of the most intense crap (for lack of a better word) you've ever been through, getting a job will still be challenging.

BUT what I'm starting to realize is that - it's hard everywhere. Life's hard before school, during school and even after school. Wether you attend two years of college, or no college at all.

The point is - you can't shy away from hard work. 

So if you're interning for free, working at McDonald's, holding down a retail job, or entering your third year of college like me, stay woke. Thank God for your tall iced coffee and the opportunity to work harder than you ever thought possible.

 & In the words of Kanye West: Please do everything you can in one lifetime. 

Talk soon,