Chronicles of the Seers

Building Dreams

LifeSeerlee ArcherComment

Had the best weekend. 

I spent Saturday and Sunday shooting at Silverline Studios, with a handful of talented photographers and creative individuals. 

My colleagues and I have been working on quite a large project (I can hardly wait to share!)

After putting in lots of hours, it feels so good to finally see our vision and efforts come to life. 

February has been busy, busy, busy. 

But for once, I feel like I've finally figured out where I want to position myself in the fashion industry. 

It will be a long road ahead - but right now it just feels so good to know where I'm going. 

I leave you with a few behind the scenes shots & my fave song at the moment. 





Winter Saviour: Frank's Body Scrub

BeautySeerlee Archer2 Comments

I'm sure you all have heard of Frank's Body Scrub, but If not I wanted to give my take on it! In the winter, this is my go to beauty fav. It retails for about $20, and may very well be the best scrub I've ever used.

It's exfoliating, moisturizing, and gentle on the most sensitive skin. Not to mention, over time with continued use it, reduces the look of scars and stretch-marks. 

Ultimately, the result is skin so soft you could cry. 


Monday Moodboard #1: Winter Blues

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The worst is far from over. 

Winter has really just settled in. 

So here goes:

Freezing temperatures. 

Cozy scarfs. 

Cashmere sweaters. 

Whistling kettles.

Extra long coffee dates - to hide from the cold. 

And hitting the snooze button one too many times, because leaving your warm bed is actually the hardest thing you've ever done. 

All images found on Tumblr.

Lipstick Worth Loving

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This may very well be the best lipstick I've ever purchased. 

With sleek packaging and high pigmentation, ColourPop's Lippie Stix are a game changer. 

                                                                       Wearing "Clique" in Matte

                                                                       Wearing "Clique" in Matte

They go on smoothly, feel just like lip balm and last for hours. 

Not to mention - it's not tested on animals! 

At $5 a piece, you really can't go wrong.