Chronicles of the Seers

Sweet Sweet Sunday

LifeSeerlee Archer3 Comments

I know I’ve been gone for a minute or two, but I’m back now. I’ve been taking some time to refocus my energy and determine my goals.  In recent news, I’m headed to Calgary and Banff next weekend, and I’m oh so very excited.  I’ve done my own fair share of travelling across the US and especially South America, however it’s been a while since I’ve explored Canada - I’m very grateful to be able to do that this year. 

However, right now, I’m hanging in the backyard, sipping sangria, eating grilled cheese and munching on this seasons ripest goodies. Yesterday I went to the bookstore, and I finally got my hands on the newest Kinfolk, and let me tell you – this may be my favorite issue yet. It talks about being an Essentialist in contrast to being a minimalist. 

"Deciding what is essential in our lives isn’t about paring back our belongings and forging our beloved but necessary frivolities: Instead of determining how little we can live with, it’s about working out what we simply can’t live without.”                                                    – Kinfolk Magazine (volume sixteen) 

So do it. Decide what can't you live without? What makes your heart sing? What brings pleasure to your eyes? What can you simply not live without? 

Noir + Denim

StyleSeerlee Archer25 Comments

Denim Jacket - Vintage Levi's 

Crop Top - Forever 21(SOLD OUT) 

Skirt - Zara (SOLD OUT)

Noir + Denim

Just a quick outfit post. Simple black crop top and black skirt. It's no secret that I love skirts! Beyond putting together this look, I didn't really get up to all that much this weekend, but it was the first day of summer! So me and the fam celebrated with a big fire, full of games, drinks and popcorn. My favourite. Simple is so good. 

Talk soon,


Running Errands

StyleSeerlee Archer12 Comments

Sweater - The Gap (sold out)

Tote - Urban Outfitters (p.s it's on SALE)

Bread, milk, eggs and blooms. Check. 

The work week seems to last forever while the weekend leaves us chasing for extra saturdays and holiday mondays. 

Starting to realize I need to stop focusing on to-do lists and start livin' it up. 

Even if all i'm smiling about is bread, milk, eggs and blooms. 


Please enjoy the rest of your week,