Chronicles of the Seers

Colette: Toronto's Cutest Cafe

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Probably the cutest little cafe you've ever stepped foot in - I can't say enough good things about Colette's!

First off : the decor is phenomenal, secondly : the staff is super nice, and third : the croissants and cappuccinos are heavenly. 

Definitely a new fave hangout for the girls and I. 

Sipping coffee with good friends, basking in the leftover sunshine, going for gelato. 


My heart is so full of good memories.

If you're in the GTA with nothing to do, I highly recommend Colette's! 

Plaid Makes Perfect for Cooler Nights

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Shot by Shanice Romelus 

Top - H&M (shop similar)

Plaid - Joe Fresh (shop similar)

Skirt - Vintage Find:

Kensington Market (shop similar) [real] [faux

Fall is here - the leaves are turning and falling, but Summer is still trying to make a comeback in Toronto. Which makes for hot days, and cooler nights. 

To combat the up and down weather, I'll often sport my favourite plaid shirt. Keeps me warm when the temperature drops, and can easily be tied around my waist during the daytime. 

What's your go to piece this Fall? 


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Pictured above is Marie. Based in Montreal, Canada, she is the author of the blog Free Series. 

Free to experience the world around her and dabble in creativity, offering shopping and style advice.

Even more she posts numerous DIY projects, that are foolproof enough for the average joe. 

She's ahead of her game, and definitely one to watch. 

When it comes to her style, she explains that she is definitely about contrast, 

"I can’t be only one thing at a time. I need to add edge to a girly dress or dress up my ripped jeans. I like to think that femininity starts with a good pair of tailored pants.

I also love the fast pace and constant changes of fashion. I could never have a defined signature style and stick with it forever." 

Marie enjoys shopping at Assos, Topshop and Aritzia. When asked about her favourite designers, she credits, Stella McCartney for her, and I quote "Incredibly responsible and honest approach to fashion. Alexander Wang for the way he democratizes fashion and his genuine talent. And Burberry...because it's art."


" I feel fashion has always been there. I remember my first Vogue and spending my lunch allowance on clothes. I can’t think of a time when I didn’t care for it. Looking back on what I used to wear is very much linked to memories of particular periods or moments of my life and how I felt.

I’m a fashion book/blog worm. I think fashion is at its best when it becomes a reflexion, a dialog. Man Repeller does a such a great job at that. I also love a good fashion challenge, to go for less obvious pieces and find a way to make them work.

I have a personal vendetta against fashion rules. Style is a personal and creative way to express individuality so I have a true aversion for dos and don’ts and fashion dogmas. I don’t think they really help anyone, I think they fence people in."

To see more of Marie, check out her blog.

In addition, She tweets at @blogFreeSeries and Instagrams at @freeseries

All photos belong to Marie­ Pier Berrouard.



The Best of Stromae

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In light of going to a Stromae concert last week at The Sound Academy,

I'm sharing a few of my favourite tunes, by the powerhouse creative and french rapper. 

Stromae - Tous les meme 
Stromae -Papaoutai
Stromae- Alors on Danse 

and lastly, my overall favourite. 


Stromae - Formidable


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Last weekend was good - love it when I get to venture around the city. 

As a student,  jetting off on a plane to find adventure isn't realistic or attainable, so making my own form of adventure in the city where I attend school is very important. 

Last weekend we successfully got my friend to her surprise birthday bash at The Ballroom. 

The Ballroom is a restaurant/bar with a bowling alley and an all around great atmosphere. 

Located downtown Toronto at 145 John St, it's definitely worth checking out once or twice. 

In addition I'm applying for a few different jobs, and positions. Early mornings and green juice is proving to be a must!

However the weekend still leaves time for fresh blooms and fun. 

Even had time for a J Cole concert! Your soul got lucky enough to see some poor iPhone footage!

How was your weekend? 

The Best Coffee You've Had in a While

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Recently bought this coffee, and I'm amazed at the quality. Unlike most coffee, Doi Chaang doesn't have the slightest of bitter flavours. Not to mention all of their coffee is certified organic, fair-trade and 100% Arabica. 

Beyond being organic, this company was first created by father and son John M. Darch and John A. Darch.

As a requirement, they wanted 50% of the business to be co-owned by farmers in Doi Chaang Village, Thailand. 

The company first opened in 2006, and within six years the farmers in Doi Chaang were able to obtain electricity, improved infrastructure, running water, and internet. 

Theres just a certain amount of care that goes into both parties. A certain degree of care that more often than not, doesn't exist among outsourced manufacturers. 

The farmers in Doi Chaang Village, get 50% of the profits from Canada, therefore creating a unique form of sustainability. 

Essentially this is coffee you can feel good about, without sacrificing taste or quality. 

If you would like to purchase Doi Chaang Coffee, 
please see their website here.

Little black dress

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 I fall in love with the simplest of black pieces.  

This maxi dress is from Joe Fresh, and extremely comfy. 

It offers flexibility and versatility. 

Even perfect for a day spent out in the field. 

At the end of the day nothing beats, comfort, convenience, and sustainability. 

Wearing Joe Fresh Floppy hat (similar) , Joe Fresh Midi dress (here) and Birkenstocks (here).