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Room Tour

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Room Tour

I very much consider my room to be a safe haven. I need my room to be a place that feels as relaxing as it feels creative. For me thats white walls, stripes and minimalism. 

Table - Vintage find, Chair - Ikea. 

Table - Vintage find, Chair - Ikea. 

Room Tour

My vanity is by far one of my favourite corners. I do my makeup and sip my tea here every morning while the sun comes up. My table and and mirror are both vintage finds from back home up North. I love how it has a minimal country vibe. 

Pictured above, Elizabeth Arden Makeup Case, Boxed Water, Joe Fresh Nail Polish. 

Pictured above, Elizabeth Arden Makeup Case, Boxed Water, Joe Fresh Nail Polish. 

On my table I keep all my makeup & brushes in a clear case. I only have 8 nail polishes that I actually use so I store those on my table as well.  In addition I always have fresh flowers; my go to being baby's breath because it's so fresh looking and lasts for a week no problem!  

Room Tour
Room Tour
Room Tour
Room Tour

This is Spencer! I got him at the St.Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto!

Room Tour
Room Tour

I keep my magazines right under my bed, so it's easy to grab a light read before I fall asleep.

Wearing Brandy Melville Top (similar), Bottoms. 

Wearing Brandy Melville Top (similar), Bottoms

My clothing rack from Ikea, is great to have and use for new purchases that I'm currently loving, as well as outfits for the upcoming week. 

Room Tour
Pictured above,"BONJOUR" Print, Homegrown Monogrammed Mug, Watch, Eiffel Tower , DIY painted Lamp, Similar. 

Pictured above,"BONJOUR" Print, Homegrown Monogrammed MugWatch, Eiffel Tower , DIY painted Lamp, Similar

Before the Storm

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Before the Storm

Can't believe Toronto got taken over by a storm. Despite the windshield, fall was still trying to linger around the city. Until today that is. These photos are from a week back spent enjoying the very last remnants of fall. 

Before the Storm
Before the Storm
Before the Storm
Before the Storm

Scarf - Aritzia

Sweater - H&M

Skirt - H&M

Bag - Dooney & Bourke 

Boots - Hunter 


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Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Today was fun.

I turned 19.

Wanted to go to my favorite café (Colette’s) for Sunday brunch.

But it was booked.

So we made the best of a bad situation – and went to the Thompson Diner.

It’s attached to the Thompson Hotel.

I had a berry infused Mojito and bacon + sausage stuffed pancakes.

My meal was called The Fat American.

The food was delicious.

I love the vibe of the restaurant.

It’s perfect for a rainy day in the city.

To conclude the night, we obviously hit up Starbucks, walked the streets of Toronto, and travelled to the Eaton Centre. 


Left to right, Effie, Kerry, Me, Julie.


Today had me thinking that everyday should be like your birthday.

Not because you get gifts, or special attention.

But because, on that one day of the year - your outlook on life is so positive.

And that for one is a reason to celebrate. 

Christmas is: Apple Cider

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The holidays are here! I'm starting a series on my blog discussing what Christmas is to me. Through this series I will be sharing bits and pieces of my holiday season. 

First up my newest tradition: Apple Cider

Recently this year, my family and I went apple picking on the farm in October. At that time we made our fair share of pies, and for once made fresh apple cider and canned it! 

In preparation for any Christmas gatherings, or festive cocktail cravings, I'm sharing our way to  achieve a tasty apple cider. 

Archer Apple Cider

Serves 6-8

12 medium sized apples, quartered
4 cinnamon sticks or more (or 4 tablespoons cinnamon) 
3/4 brown sugar
4 tbsp. all spice
2 tbsp. cloves
5 tsp. nutmeg, grated
fresh rosemary



1. Using a large pot; dump all of your apples into the pot, and poor just enough water to cover the apples. 

2. Add the sugar.

3. Wrap the cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg in a cheesecloth and add it to the pot. 

4. Bring the pot to a boil uncovered for 45 minutes. (Be sure to check on it every so often.)

5. Turn down the heat, and let it simmer covered for about 2 hours. 

6. Turn off the heat and let it cool for 2 hours. 

7. Remove the spices in cheesecloth, and mash the apples. 

8. When cool, poor it into a strainer. 

9. Wrap the remainder pulp into cheesecloth and squeeze it over the bowl until there is no more juice. 

10. If you prefer a smoother consistency, strain it once more until it reaches your desired consistency. 

To Note:

- This apple cider should stray fresh for about a week. 

- Serve with fresh rosemary and cinnamon sticks. 

Spiked Apple Cider? 

Fireball, Bourbon, Tennessee Cider and Gin are great add ins! 

Lately Loving

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1. Can you tell that I love breakfast? This has been my go to as of late! Over easy eggs fried in coconut oil, with spinach and feta cheese. Simple and dangerously yummy. 

2. I redid my room, and got rid of a lot of clutter. I needed a new bedspread that matched my new style, so what better choice than stripes? These ones were pretty cheap from Ikea

3. Still obsessed with this. Especially as Holiday season approaches and exams creep up. My schedule is getting tighter and tighter. The love I have for my Kate Spade Daily Planner is so strong. Get yours here!

4. Such a sucker for dope packaging. Boxed water nailed it with this water. Definitely appreciate sustainable packaging, and creative design! I buy this water at my local Whole Foods

5. Down time is Grey's Anatomy. All 10 seasons just got uploaded to Netflix, so this is basically all I watch now haha. It's so cool to restart from the beginning and fall back in love with all of the characters from previous seasons. And yes, I know I'm the only one on the planet who still watches this. No ragrets. 

What are you loving lately? I'd love to know in the comments below!

Sweet Sweet Sunday

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Sunday is probably my favourite day. 

It's the one day, where you're allowed to be lazy.

You're allowed to take your time waking up.

You're allowed to eat breakfast at lunch time.

It's the one day you get to be you - without any interruptions.